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Poultry and Beef

Price List


Whole Chicken $4.25/ lb.

Weights range from 3.2 to 7 lbs. per bird.

Whole Chicken, cut up $4.50/ lb.

Weights range from 2.5-4.1 lbs. per bird.

Boneless Skinless Breasts $8.50/ lb.

Each package contains two breasts weighing .6-2.4 lbs.

Drumsticks $4.00/ lb.

Each package contains 6 drumsticks weighing 1.3-1.7 lbs.

Wings $4.75/ lb.

Each package contains 12 wings weighing 2-3 lbs. 

Thighs $5.25/ lb.

Each package contains 4 thighs weighing 1.0-2.1 lbs. 

Backs $1/ lb.

Each package contains 4 backs weighing 3.3-5.7 lbs. Great for making chicken soup!

Necks $3/ lb.

Each package contains approximately 12 necks weighing 2.0-2.3 lbs.

Gizzards $11.25/ package.

Each package contains approximately 12 gizzards.



          $3.00/ dozen for medium size

          $3.50/ dozen for large size

          $4.00/ dozen for extra-large size

          $5.00/ dozen for Jumbo size

Egg purchases can be made at our self-serve walk up cooler on the farm. We appreciate the return of our egg cartons to help keep costs down.

Beef 1/4, 1/2, Whole

We are currently taking orders for January 2024.

$3.00/lb. hanging weight

Beef is sold by the quarter, half, or whole.

$100 deposit, balance due when processed.


*Note:  The price per lb. above does not include the fee for processing, which is approximately 80 cents per pound paid directly to the processor.

The processor charges a kill fee of $110/ whole animal. There is a $15 surcharge for 1/4 orders.

See FAQ for more information.

Below weights are estimates, as every animal is different!

1/4- approximately 225 lbs. hanging weight netting approximately 125 lbs. of packaged meat

1/2- approximately 450 lbs. hanging weight netting approximately 250 lbs. of packaged meat

Whole- approximately 900 lbs. hanging weight netting approximately 500 lbs. of packaged meat

Beef Cuts

Ground Beef $5.50/ lb. 80/20

Ground Round $6.25/ lb. 90/10

Hamburger Patties $6.25/ lb.

1/4 lb. patties, 4 /pack. 80/20

Tenderloin Filet $22.99/ lb.

New York Strip Steak-boneless $15.99/ lb 

Ribeye Steak boneless $16.99/ lb. 

Ribeye Steak bone-in $15.99/lb.

T-Bone Steak $15.99/ lb.

Porterhouse Steak $16.99/ lb

Sirloin Steak $10.99/ lb. Sirloin steaks have all the external fat removed as well as any silver skin and connective tissue to create an enjoyable eating experience with no gristle.

Flank Steak $9.99/ lb. Similar in flavor to skirt steak, flank steak is a slightly thicker cut that is also best enjoyed marinated and grilled.

Flat Iron Steak $11.99/ lb. Flat Iron steaks are extremely underrated and very tender.

Skirt Steak 10.99/lb. Great for fajitas!

Shoulder Steak $9.99/ lb

Coulotte Steak $11.99/ lb

Petite Tender $20.99/ lb

Shank $6.99/ lb

Prime Rib (boneless) $15.99/lb.

Chuck Roast $6.99/ lb. The chuck eye is a highly flavorful cut.

Arm Roast bone-in $6.99/lb. Sometimes known as English roasts.

Top Round Roast $6.99/ lb. The top round (also known as the inside round) is the more tender part of the round. Often referred to as London Broil.

Bottom Round Roast $6.99/lb. aka rump roast.

Coulotte Roast $11.99/lb. The Coulotte is a famous Brazilian cut, known as Picanha. It is a great smoking roast that is similar to a
Tri-Tip roast and is a 4-6 hour cook time. 

Sirloin Tip Roast $7.99/lb.

Tri-tip Roast $12.99/lb.The tri-tip is another great smoking or grilling roast with a shorter cook time. It is a fantastic cut when rubbed or marinated and then grilled and sliced thin before serving. 

Soup Bones $4.50/lb. Great for making beef broth.

Stew Meat $6.99/lb. Our stew meat is cut into 1 inch by 1-inch cubes and packaged into 1 lb bags. It is cut from the lean portions of the round.

Short Ribs $6.99/lb. A flavorful cut that can be braised, slow-cooked, and even smoked.

Bratwurst Jalapeno Cheddar $8.50/ pack

                 Philly Cheesesteak $8.50/ pack

                 Sassy Honey BBQ $8.50/ pack

                 Mushroom Pepperjack $8.50

                 Regular $7

Whole Brisket $5.99/lb.

Brisket Point $5.99/lb

Brisket Flat $6.99/lb

Oxtail $7.99/lb.

Heart $2.99/lb.

Liver $2.99/lb.

Tongue $10.00 each

Suet $2.99/lb.

Image by Claudio Schwarz
Steak on a Fork
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